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About Mary

I enjoy working with people who want to understand themselves and their feelings, and to change problem behaviors. I listen for experiences, trauma, and thought patterns that contribute to depression and anxiety. We explore familial, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors and how those influence–both positively and negatively. We discover and recover strengths. The connection through the therapeutic relationship is essential in providing the safety and understanding that helps the client change. Through this relationship, I assist clients to face their unhappiness, insecurity, conflicts–both inner and outer, depression and anxiety. In doing so, clients’ feelings, thoughts and behaviors change.

Depth psychotherapy used with a relational approach helps clients address deeper issues that have kept them stuck in unhappiness, conflict, anxiety, and depression. Through working together, the client learns to have a better relationship with the self. These skills are also used in couples and marital counseling.

I’ve been in private practice for 25 years. Previously I worked in an in-patient mental health setting for three years and prior to that was an educator in the public schools for 9 years.