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Omaha Therapist With 25-Plus Years of Experience

Dr. Coady-Leeper Will Help You Discover and Recover Strengths

  • I enjoy working with people who want to understand themselves
    and their feelings and want to change problem behaviors.
  • When working with a client, I listen for thought patterns, experiences,
    and trauma that contribute to depression and anxiety.
  • Together, we explore familial, cultural, religious, and spiritual
    factors—and how these issues influence clients, both positively and negatively.
  • We discover and recover strengths.
  • The connection through the therapeutic relationship is essential
    in providing the safety and understanding that helps the client change.
  • Through this relationship, I assist clients to face their unhappiness, insecurity,
    depression, anxiety, and conflicts—both inner and outer.
  • In this process, clients’ feelings, thoughts, and behaviors change.
  • Through helping clients to live a more authentic life, their relationships
    change also—as couples, parents, employees, friends, and family members